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iranian persian tea Most of the farms are located the hillsides of Iran like the farms in Darjeeling. These farms produce an orthodox style of black tea. The color of Iranian tea is red and taste is fairly light, and it is delicious without adding any milk or sugar. The total production of black tea in 2009 was approximately 60’000 tons.

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Global Shokraneh Salamat (GSS) food industries has invested in best automatic tea cleaning, blending and flavoring plant systems. That it sorts and clean all types of tea which remove wooden bits, stones, dust and any metal parts from the teas and produce pure black and green orthodox tea in different loose packing (500 gr, 100 gr), teabags packing (25 pcs,100 pcs) and bulk carton and paper sacks packing (5 kg, 10 kg, 22 kg). GSS food industry imports different grades of tea from Iran, Srilanka, Kenya, India, and etc. Our Srilanka teas, Kenya teas, Indian teas and Iranian teas are available in loose packing (500 gr & 100 gr) teabags packing and bulk paper sacks and carton packing introduced in three brands : AlAMIR , PUNJANA and NILGIRI. GSS food industry owned its tea states and tea Farms in northern part of Iran Lahijan city (Gilan Province) which is very famous for Iranian teas. Best Iranian tea growing in high hills of north of Iran, high hill grown tea of Lahijan city have very strong taste, Aroma and good looking Appearance. GSS food industry is one of the famous and well known tea importers, tea suppliers, tea wholesaler, tea trader, tea exporter and tea packer in Middle East. Our tea fermentation factory in Iran, do all process from picking green leaves into final pure black tea or orthodox green tea in bulk paper sacks packing. GSS food industry exports all grades of orthodox black teas and orthodox green teas in OPA grade, OP grade, BOP grade, FBOP grade, FBOPF grade, Fanning grade and Dust grade. All grades are Available in 3 layers paper sacks packing with the minimum order of 10.000 Metric tons (MT).

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